Experts / Kazakhstan

Bekturganov Danil

sociologist, political analyst. President of non-governmental foundation “Civil Expertise”. Graduate of Kazak Polytechnical Institute (1993), major: electrical engineer, and Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University (2007), major: political analyst. Since 1999, he has been election observer. He has been the participant of 10 election observation missions in Kazakstan and over 20 observation missions in CIS and non-CIS countries. Author and co-author of over 25 sociological studies dedicated to various topics related to the civil activity during election.  Developer and coordinator of the first in Kazakstan long-term election observation (2003).

Burnashev Rustam

in 1991, graduated from the philosophy-economy department of the Lenin Tashkent State University; major – philosophy. In 1997, he graduated from the postgraduate school of the Muminov Institute of Philosophy and Law at the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan; PhD. Since 1998, senior research fellow, then head of foreign policy analysis sector of the Institute of strategic and interregional studies at the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Since 2000, assistant professor of the international relations department of the Abylai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages. Since 2002, professor of the department of social sciences of Kazakstan-German University. He has over 60 publications on military and political aspects of security in Central Asia; theory of international relations; theory of international security; modern French philosophy; logics, methodology and philosophy of science.

Gulyayev Sergei

General Director of Desenta non-governmental foundation. He graduated from Pavlodar State University in 1996, Novosibirsk Humanities Institute in 2001. Member of the Council for cooperation with NGOs at the Government of the Republic of Kazakstan. Member of Pavlodar Town Maslikhat, 4th convocation, on the permanent commission for compliance with law and civil rights. Member of Independent Anti-corruption Council and Coordination Council for Community Development.

Gusarova Anna

Director of Central Asian Institute for Strategic Studies (CAISS) and senior lecturer of Kazakstan-German University in Almaty. Degree in American studies and master’s degree in security studies in Central Asia. She has been an expert of KazISS at the President of the Republic of Kazakstan. Alumna of the George Marshall European Centre for Security Studies (Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany), the Daniel Inouye Asia-Pacific Centre for Security Studies (Honolulu, USA), and CSTO Institute (Moscow, RF). Author of over 30 research articles and collective monographs, and 100 articles and comments in the media. Area of expertise: US strategy in Central Asia, foreign policy of the US and security issues in Central Asia. Interests: violent extremism and terrorism, cyber security.

Domnin Sergei

chief editor of Expert Kazakstan. He specialises in theoretical issues of the historical studies, economic and social history. He acts as an expert in Eurasian integration and national industrial and trade policies in Kazakstan and foreign media. Permanent trainer of the Media School at MediaNet, courses: Sources of information, Business journalism, Coverage.

Kaukenov Adil

political analyst, sinologist. He graduated from the Abai Kazak National Teachers University, department of history, major: Oriental Studies, Chinese department in 2004. He has over 25 articles and publications on development issues of China and Kazakstan-China relations.

Mamyraiymov Talgat

freelancer, freelance political analyst, political expert. Freelance member of Central Asia Association (Sweden), member of the expert council of the Institute for national policy studies at the Academy of Public Administration at the President of the Kyrgyz Republic. Author of over 80 publications on social-political and social-economic issues, migration, religion motivated extremism and terrorism, party-political system of Kazakstan and other Central Asian countries; co-author of a series of research collections.

Morozov Anton

candidate of political sciences. He has graduated from the department of journalism of the Al Farabi KazNU. He has worked with the Ministry of Information and Public Consent of the Republic of Kazakstan, Presidential Administration of the Republic of Kazakstan, Foreign Policy and Analysis Centre, Kazakstan Institute for Strategic Studies at the President of the Republic of Kazakstan. In 2006, he studied at the Marshall European Centre for Security Studies (Garmisch-Partenkirchen), and College of security issues and international relations studies (Washington). In 2010, he defended his PhD thesis “The role of the media in ensuring national security of the Republic of Kazakstan.”

Podoprigora Roman

doctor of juridical science, professor of the Caspian Public University. He graduated from the Kirov Kazak State University (1990), major: lawyer, and postgraduate school of the Al Farabi Kazak National University (1993). Since 2008, he is a member of Scientific-Advisory Board at the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakstan. Member of Advisory Board of OSCE/ODIHR Expert Group on the freedom of religion and opinion affairs (2000-2010). Deputy Director of Research Institute for Financial and Tax Law (2007-2014). Author of over 100 publications issued in Kazakstan, Austria, UK, Russia, USA, Japan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine.

Svoik Pyotr

political figure of Kazakstan, deputy chairman of Azat, political analyst and publicist. He has graduated from Almaty University of Energy and Communication, candidate of engineering science. Author of books “The fate of Kazakstan as a state. First steps away from the razor’s edge” (1994, co-author) and “The price of monopoly” (1995).