Parviz Mullojanov: Labor Migration Will Harm Tajikistan in the Long Term

cabar.asia 27.05.19

“Mass labor migration should not become a permanent phenomenon. The longer it lasts, the more harmful and destructive consequences it accumulates, and those are beginning to threaten political and social stability”, political analyst Parviz Mullojanov told cabar.asia in an interview. (more…)

Migration Policy Concepts of Kyrgyzstan: Are They Changing?

«Analysis of the conceptual documents in the field of migration shows that in the past decade there have not been major innovations. Kyrgyzstan still considers external migration as a source of remittances and as a tension reduction tool in the domestic labor market», – Anar Musabaeva, a political analyst from Bishkek, notes in her article for cabar.asia.


Emigration From Kazakhstan as an Outflow of Human Capital

Olga Simakova 22.05.19

«The process of emigration does not have any significant effect on the demographic indicators of the population in Kazakhstan. In Kazakhstan, there is no threat of depopulation and aging of the nation», – Olga Simakova, Almaty-based sociologist, writes in her article.


How to Overcome the Existing Practice of Illegal Migration from Tajikistan?

Bekhruz Saidov 15.05.19

«Measures to increase the efficiency of foreign labour migration should be taken at the national level, which will, after all, create a totally different socio-economic situation in the Republic of Tajikistan», – Bekhruz Saidov, a Dushanbe-based participant of the School of Analytics cabar.asia, writes in his article.